Google Pixel Buds Honest Review | Advantages and Disadvantages | Airpods vs Pixel Earbuds

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Google Pixel Buds Honest Review:

Google concentrate on adornments now, In your ears, Google Design one of the beautifull earbud’s. The wellness of Google Pixel Buds is extremely agreeable and outline of earbud’s is straightforward and clean planned.

Functionality of Google Pixel Bud’s: 

Everytime Google makes something one of a kind. It is quite difficult. Google makes super earbud’s with Google Assistant. This current earphone’s are not just utilized for listening music or not for just going to calls, This time your earphones are your associate since Google set up google partner in your earphones. Google demonstrate that “we are the best”. Google’s engineer picking the ideal blend of equipment, programming and AI.

Google Pixel buds is better than Apple Airpods?

The cost of Google Pixels bud’s is $159 and as contrast with Apple Airpods the value cost is comparative (Airpod cost $160), yet new Google earbud’s to much highlights.

Google offer’s superior to Airpod on the grounds that they’re the first in what I can just accept will be a long line of ear-puters, helping you (and your virtual right hand) get to data, speak with companions, even complete work.

The Google Assistant has comprehended everything and it’s brilliantly works when you are at home, in the workplace and notwithstanding strolling down the road.

Translation Feature is Good:

Google Pixel Earbuds have one impressive feature which translation. You can translate the 40 languages conversation real time.

Comparision Between Google Pixel Earbuds and Apple AirPod:

Features Google Pixel Earbud’s Apple Airpod’s
Prices RS – $159 RS – $160
Design Obvious and Garish Subtle and Look like Headphones
Wired Wireless Wired, Two buds connecting together

I know you are confused? which headphones are better for me and I know one question in mind, How’s the sound quality of Google Pixel Earbud’s, my friend it’s similar sound expirence like Apple Airpods.
Are you think about that Pixel Earbud’s are connecting with your iPad or laptop: Answer is YES you can. 
How to Do?

  • First of all Disconnecting with paired device, If you want to connected with another device.
  • You have to put both buds in their fabric case, fiddle them into just right spot.
  • Long Press on inside button the case until the light blink starting “White”.
  • Now you pair a new device.

Google Pixel Earbuds Pros :

  • Most Attactive looks and design
  • Wire material is very good, Google using Fabric cord.
  • Fit in ears perfect and it’s very confortable.
  • Richer and Higher Lounder sound than the Airpods.
  • Least enough Bass.
  • They do allow a lot of background noise.
  • Price is similar like Appple Airpods.
  • The microphones handle phone calls crisply, and the swipe gestures make changing volume a cinch.
  • Control you Pixel buds with touch based gestures.

Controling Commands: 
– Swiping UP for increasing volume.
– Swiping DOWN for decreasing the volume.
– Tapping the surface for play and pause music.
– Tapping the surface for accept the call.
– Hold your finger on surface for Activate the Google Assistant.

  • Battery life is good 6-8 hours battery backup and USB TYPE-C for fast charging.

Google Pixel Bud’s Cons (Problem & Issues):

  • Pixel Bud’s doesn’t have noise cancellation.
  • According to Review: It’s hard to connectivity with devices.




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