iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Both of them are one of the most premium phones you would get right now.

  • Design

Both deliver a glass back and front and have a premium touch to them.While the iPhone delivers a much shinier stainless steel border, the note 8 has an aluminum edge.

  • Screen

TheiPhone x has the apple’s first OLED Super Retinadisplay screen. The 5.8 inch screen on the iPhone X is nearly bezel less with a small notch on the top. The Note 8 has a 6.3 inch OLED display, which is also nearly bezel-less, but has slightly more bezels than the iPhone X. Both the displays are vivid, crisp and has great viewing angles.

  • Camera

The iPhone X has one of the greatest set of cameras on a smartphone, as always apple does. It supports a 12+12 MP dual camera setup which is capable of shooting 4k at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps, which even some professional cameras aren’t capable of. Now the front camera also supports portrait mode. The Note 8s camera has one of the best smartphone camera. Both of the cameras can capture some really great shots. But the Note 8 falls short when compared to iPhone X camera.

  • Performance

In daily usage, you won’t notice any problem with both of these phones. But when it comes to raw power then iPhone X with its A11 Bionic Chip is far more powerful than the Note 8. But the octa core Exynos chipset variant of the Note 8 with its massive 6 GBRAM is really good at handling any task you throw on it. You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these phones for performance.

  • Software

The iPhone x comes with iOS11. The new iPhone has some new gestures as Apple has removed the physical home button. But the overall user experience of iOS, as everyone knows, is liquid smooth. The new iPhone comes with face ID, of which most of us were peculiar of. But face ID works flawlessly but the exclusion of fingerprint reader might hassle some users. The Note comes with Samsung’s own UITouchWiz which has a very good user interface and packs some really cool features which even the iPhone doesn’t have. The greatest advantage of the Note 8 is the S pen which is one of the coolest things available for any smartphone today. The iris scanner may not work as good as the face ID but it does have a fingerprint reader and also the headphone jack, which the iPhone as expected does not have.

  • Battery life

The iPhone X’s battery is of 2176mAh and of Note 8 is 3300mAh. But iPhone X’s battery life is more than Note 8 because of its amazing battery optimization.

  • Price

The iPhone X is a whole new level of extravaganza. Its range starts with $999 and Samsung Note 8 costs $929 for a 64 GB model.

Acknowledging the whole article, we came to a conclusion that for a good photograph or battery performance, one may prefer iPhone X. but for features like fingerprint reader, SD card slot or headphone jack, one may prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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