How to Keep an Eye on your Preteens Social Media Activities?

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Social media is one of the most influential platforms all over the world. It is impossible that someone doesn’t have any social media accounts for word. It means that everyone has their accounts on social media accounts. Even the young kids and preteens are the most frequent users of social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Zalo, Snapchat, Whatsapp and many others alike. They usually use the online media websites and apps on their Windows PC and MAC machines that have provided by the parents. These digital media websites and apps are vulnerable to such young kids and preteens. They can get encountered with the evils such as cyber bullies, stalkers, pedophiles and sexual predators.

Tips for parents for preteen’s social media monitoring:

  • Parents should make some ground rules for kids and preteens when they are going to use social media on the windows computers or MAC laptop devices.
  • You should tell your kids prior to the activities which you have banned for them on social media.
  • Parents should be tech-savvy as well, it will help them to better understand what are the dangerous trends are running in the social media.
  • Parents should put the windows or MAC machine in a wide and open area where they can keep an eye on kids and preteens activities in the digital world.
  • Explain what are cyber bullies, stalkers, and other predators and what they can really do.
  • Set the timetable for using social media and if possible sit beside them.

Keep an eye on your preteens and kids social media activities:

On the other hand, if parents don’t have enough time to keep their naked eye on their kids and preteens, they should windows & MAC monitoring app in order to keep an eye on their social media activities. Parents can use screen recording of the MAC tracking spyware. It enables parents to do the recording of the target device screen and they will get to know remotely what their kids and preteens are really doing in the digital world connected with the cyberspace.

Parents can also get time to time reports of all the activities they do on their devices along with real-time monitoring through windows spy app. The user can use keylogger of the MAC surveillance app, it enables parents to view all the keystrokes applied on the target computer machine and get their hands on password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Having all types of keystrokes, parents can get access to all the social media accounts and view inbox messages, sent messages, shared media files, activity log and their online friends on digital media platforms. Parents can also get remotely screenshots of the target MAC device and come to know what they are really doing on their machines and on online media websites and apps.

 The user can also block all the inappropriate websites by using the website blocking of the MAC spy software. Then kids and teens will not be able to use such websites which parents think it could be vulnerable to them. Through camera bug, MAC tracking program parents can come to know who really is up to on the target machine.

 Put alarms on the activities which you think they could be dangerous for kids and preteens. Resultantly, parents will get the alarms if kids and preteens are inappropriate activity on the target device. The Onespy computer monitoring software enables parents to perform completely invisible spying on the kids and preteens computer machine and don’t give a target person clue that he/she is being tracked by someone.


TheOnespy windows & MAC tracking app let you know what your kids and preteens are doing on their social media platforms 24/7.


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