Top 7 Emulators for Android

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Gaming consoles are one of the best childhood memories. I am sure everybody here has enjoyed tons of games on PlayStation. Even though today we have hundreds of amazing games and even gadgets controlled by our phones available but still some of the childhood games are still good to play. Unfortunately, they only exist on older consoles. Luckily we can still enjoy those games using emulators. Here is the list of some best emulators for Android.

Classic Boy

Classic boy is one of the most widely used Android emulators. This emulator is supported by many different consoles like Play Station, N64, Game Boy and others. Most of these consoles work really well with this emulator. This emulator has some prominent features like it supports saved states, load states. It supports hardware controller and also provides gesture support. This emulator comes in free as well as premium versions.

DraStic DS Emulator

This emulator is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators. Basic features like save states, load states, and virtual controls are available in it. Customization of top and bottom DS screens is provided. Hardware keyboards are also supported by this emulator. This emulator is a stable one and most ROMs works perfectly with it without any major problem. This emulator is paid one although its price is low.


All the play station lovers are well aware of this emulator. All prominent features of other emulators are also available with this one like save states, load states, hardware controller support, and hardware keyboard customization. This emulator is simple to use, just insert the ROM and there you go. This emulator is paid and no free package is available.


FPse is the second best emulator comes with play station after ePSXe. The different thing about this emulator is that it offers full-length customization. You can change settings, plugins, change graphics quality, adjust video framerates along with other changes. Save states, load states, hardware controller support, and keyboard customization are available with this one too. There is no free or demo version available for this emulator.

John Emulators

This emulator is developed by a team of Google Play. The team has developed few other good emulators. This emulator includes apps like SNES, NES, Game boy Color and others. These are some of the best consoles in their respective category. These emulators are completely stable with all kinds of ROM. Some other fun stuff, cheat codes and fast forward feature are also available in these emulators. These emulators come in free as well as pro version.

Retro Arch

This emulator is unique when it comes to features. This emulator can smoothly run different other consoles. The app is basically an emulator itself. You just have to download cores that run the app. Since each core is a different console, it is cumbersome and difficult to learn initially but most cores work in a very stable manner.  This emulator is totally free of cost.


This emulator is the best emulator without any doubt. The emulator deserves to be on this list because of some of the best features like excellent ROM support. Apart from this, there is a long list of features for this emulator. Unfortunately, this emulator is in the development phase right now due to which some games may not work at optimum speed with this, but still, it is a top quality emulator. You can try its free version before going to pro.


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